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Sankalpa (WILL)

Todays blog will be brief. A few more points on Sankalpa.  An exercise in liberation and getting your sankalpa perfected. Remember : Sankalpa is done without any desire. The higher the person the more immediate the results of Sankalpa. This entire world is the Sankalpa of God. All interactions between people and the eventual results …

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Several points

This is mostly a reminder for me to write on the following points 1) Murcha pranayama 2) Location of gunas – explain the difference as described by Yogananda and Gurudev 3) The chakras and the nadis and how the petals of the chakras which are actually rays of light relate with the sahastrar 4) The …

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Purity and Love, Aurobindo, techniques to fight faults

My blogs have been written, solely for my children. I do not wish anyone lead them ashtray in the matters of spirituality. All my accounts, if read and understood, should be signs of the true way to God. Until one has experienced all these things, one still has not fully caught on to the strong …

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