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Consciousness and Evolution, January 14 2006

Entry for January 14, 2006

Darwins theory of evolution is true but only explains the progession in physical terms.

There is simultaneously a progression of consciousness. The material world was not conscious.(Annamaya kosha according to the upanishads).

Later, the tiniest of molecules formed together forming the simplest of organisms. Their consciousness was limited to interaction to the immediate surroundings for food and reproduction. Slowly this evolved into plant life. (Pranamaya kosha).

As evolution progressed animals developed. They not only were aware of the surroundings but had a mind of their own. Intellect was limited but emotions abounded. (Manomaya Kosha)

Later, evolution progressed into not only emotions but to a thinking intellectual mind. Apes and humans. (Gyanamaya kosha).

The final stage of evolution is the Anandmayi Kosha or the kosha of bliss and happiness. This step is the spiritual progress.

However to go from Gyanmaya Kosha (human) to Anandmaya kosha (divine) , the human has to conquer in himself all of the other koshas – the annamaya, pranmaya, manomaya and gyanmaya koshas.

Darwin only looked at the physical side of progress. The vedas and upanishadas looked at the same phenomenon from the side of consciousness. It is true, that when you truly make spiritual progress, you are no longer dependent on the mind or intellect. They are as if vestigial organs to the advanced being. His mode of knowledge is the divine.

Slowly as his divine consciousness begins to unfold, he is more and more aware of divine secrets. He no longer relies on books for his knowledge. He realizes more and more, that he no longer needs the body for his own existence. Even thoughts and emotions are no longer part of him. He is the soul, the jivatma. In time, he realizes that he was always there, the silent witness to the entire creation. He realizes he is outside the body and everywhere – the atma.

Yet all this is far away from Paramatma or God. It is a step closer to God but yet far from the divine.

(references : God talks with Arjuna by Paramhansa Yogananda and Sri Aurobindo – The integral yoga).

This change in consciousness, where the person is no longer identified with the emotions, intellect or body, but remains identified is the true meaning of being born again. According to the Bible, “Verily, Verily, I say unto thee that unless a man is born again, he cannot enter the kingdom of God”. This is the true meaning of being born again – birth of a new consciousness where you are the observer – no longer identified with body or thoughts but merely observing. Even the thoughts that occur are foreign to you. You are no longer thinking but thoughts seem to come from an unknown source and come from outside of you! In Hinduism, this is also called as second birth – Dvija. Dvi meaning second and Ja meaning birth (in Sanskrita). (ref: bible and by Sri Yukteshwara).

Birth of the second or real consciousness can only occur with awakening of the Shakti. There are 5 manifestations of awakening of the Shakti.

1) Seeing the light of God or hearing sounds “Nada”

2) Feeling it as a force which can make the body perform various actions – “kriyas”

3) Feeling of silence which gradually changes to calmness and then peace

4) Appearance of Knowledge

5) Birth of the true consciousness. This, in my opinion is the highest manifestation.

Oh reader! Dont be in a rush to assume that you have the highest manifestation. That rush comes from ego and a very uncontrolled emotion (vital as called by Sri Aurobindo). Many people who meditate think they are in that state – the state of silently observing. When you are truly observing you do not think you are observing. You observe without any thoughts. Thoughts are outside you occuring to someone else! This power of observation is not only restricted to thoughts but should extend to emotions and eventually the body also.

For everyone !

These blogs are meant for those who seek Guidance in the spiritual world. They contain pearls and if taken seriously, it will help everyone continue to progress without having any self imposed block by imagining that they have reached any high level.

I am tempted to write, God bless…but who am I to say God bless? I am but his humble servent, no the servent of his servent! I have nothing to offer to God except myself. When I say myself, I refer to the soul or spirit. In my opinion, that is service to God, that is love for God, that is humility, that is wisdom, that is Gyana, that is Bhakti, that is Mantra, that is the only Yoga.

Humbly His