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Thoughts on thoughts

I just love this note writer crafts at craft.do http://www.craft.do https://www.craft.do/s/byeh7SUhEsoWYg Again this is an outside link

Successor to lineage

Very few people are capable of being a true Guru. A century or two may pass before someone remotely worthy of being a Guru appears. The qualities needed for a Guru are too difficult for anyone to achieve in a few lifetime What do you do when there is no Guru left? This is what …

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Dharma – religion

The meaning of Dharma – as per Vivekaanda (and Yogananda) comes from the Sanskrit root word Dhru.  This means to uphold So what does Dharma uphold?  It upholds all the properties of the universe.  Thus the fact that the electron rotates around the nucleus , that is a property that does not get violated.  What …

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The mind

There is a fundamental flaw and misguided concept in the mind. It is the erronous concept that anything in the material world will give pleasure or content. There is nothing in this gross world that gives pleasure. If that is the case then why do we enjoy sex food intellectual discussions etc?  This is because …

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