This web page is dedicated for those who are sincere and truly interested in spiritual progress. True interest in spirituality is against the ego. It will often get bruised and hurt in the process of progress. This requires an immense amount of truth and honesty with oneself.

It reminds me of what Kabir said, Jo Man ko Dhuvan apna, mujse bura no koi.

Meaning he who has looked at his own mind, he will discover there is no one as bad as himself.

Best luck to all!


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  1. Hello !
    I am happy to have found your text on Swarodaya. I have been practising intensely swara yoga for 10 months now.
    I like it very much; I like your description and have read 10 books about swara yoga; some books are completely devoted to swara yoga, some have only chapters on it;
    I didnt find Mukta shastra; can you please refer any book in English, that talk more about swara yoga; I have even read Swara Chintamani on the subject, a very rare book to find. Of course Swami Muktibodhananda book, Sivananda’s book, Harish Johari, Swami Rama etc.
    Thank you very much,
    yours sincerely,

    1. Thank you for your comments. Most of the information in English is a slight reference on Swar by Yogananda Maharaj, Swami Vivekananda and some by Swami Rama. The most detailed information is in Gujarati – Muktashastra and in Shiv Swarodaya.
      The true knowledge and perfect results of Swar can only be understood at a very high level of meditation. Moverover, the results of swar or flow of prana varies. When the flow is outward, we face the consequences of the world and karma. When the flow is reversed, then there is Mastery at varying levels but this requires a spiritual Master of the level of Yogananda, Vivekananda. They had swar perfected and performed a variety of miracles.

  2. i want to know about ramal vidya . accidently i located ur site . but i could not get anything in that relation . if u can enlighten me on the subject i will b happy.

    1. Ramal Vidya originated and is only known to a true Yogi who is very advanced. There are lots of literature on it – online but very misleading! Good luck

  3. Dear Bhavin ji

    I read your article on Shiv Mahiman Stotra, I recite it two times everyday and its a lovely thing.

    I am very much interested in taking up spirituality seriously but I have no clue where to go, how to find a guru. I would really appreciate if you could point me in right direction.

    Also these days I feel strong pain/heat around my manipura chakra region (solar plexus) and it feels like as if I am absorbing negativity/anger from people. I have no idea how to cure this problem or take help of someone. Please help.

    1. I am glad to see you have spiritual inclinations. It is very hard to find a true guru who can awaken shakti and lead you to God. Right now in the entire world, out in the public there maybe one or two people who can do it partially. Full awakening takes a long time. The heat that you feel is correct. It comes from being tired of the world and it’s people who are selfish. There are many advanced saints but they are in samadhi. If you have further questions let me know. I am not a Guru.

      1. Thanks for your reply. Can I have your email plz?

        I have read a lot on awakening, and understand the functioning of mind. I was thinking if I could work in this direction. Bhagvat Geeta mentions a few techniques. I am also reading Vigyan Bhairav Tantra these days and learning things.

        However I think it will need full dedicated practice for a few months. May be I could go for any yoga ashram or some other place.

        Anyway my immediate problem is really the negativity I am absorbing and I have thoughts which are not even mine. They are of someone else. Otherwise most of the times my mind is silent and peaceful.

        Do you have any suggestions to get rid of this negativity?

        1. The road is far more difficult than you think. It takes 10,000,000 years of living in perfection to get to a higher level. The process is much faster with a LIVING GURU who has reached that stage to reach there faster. There maybe 2 or 3 such Gurus available to the public who can help to a limited degree. I would urge you to read the chapter on Kriya Yoga by Paramhansa Yogananda in Autobiography of a Yogi. There are no shortcuts.
          It is not that living in an ashram helps. In many ways it is detrimental. To make any progress the first requirement is not to get upset, learning to be calm. God provides ample opportunities for us to get upset on a daily basis even at work or college. One must practice this calmness. However, since true calmness is a real item (like the desk or money ) it can be given or transmitted to a WORTHY disciple directly. This is the awakening of the shakti. Books – no matter how much you read it cannot do this. There is NO quick fix.

          As far as the negativity of others – everyone has to contend with it. It is more of a challenge for those who accept defeat and say, I will let the negativity of others affect me. The correct attitude is to stand within with fearlessness and determination that I will not let the negativity affect me. It helps tremendously to have a real LIVING GURU in this situation. The negativity can be from others or part of the Universal plan. Negativity of others is easier to overcome than the negativity coming from Maya. You can read a lot more about this from Sri Aurobindo on how to deal with the hostile or negativity and his method is quite true. The books I suggest is Integral Yoga, letters on Yoga and a book by Satprem called Sri Aurobindo. (This is available on scribd) Using Mantras and prayers are helpful only if it is given by someone who really knows it well.
          I hope this helps. My email is drdave@mygastrodr.com

  4. Pranams Bhaiyya,
    One has been initiated into Kriya & request your kind guidance with regards to working towards attaining khechari & advice with regard to kriya yoga practice & progressing along this path.


    1. The road is meant to go to God. Let God decide the path. Khrchari mudra is a path for nath sampradaya

  5. I have got Sowbhagya Panchadhashi, Navaruna, Kali, Prathyangira, Hanuman, Laxmi Ganesha, Laxmi and Saraswathy mantras from Guruji. I am daily doing sadhana, but not even got concentration on any manthra. Just mechanically doing them. Why it happens. I am a ardent devotee of Goddess Durga and Lalitha. I am not getting any concentration, some times, I want to avoid the daily puja. Please guide me any one what I should do to get concentration on the dhyaanam.

    1. Your question is valid. Mantra are of two types. One that has shakti in it and other without shakti. When mantra has shakti, divine manifestations occur relatively quickly
      I am glad you are doing those divine mantras
      In time things can manifest.
      This is an open platform and all things are kept secret

  6. Respected Gurudevji!
    Aaapke Charnaun Mein Mera Koti Koti Naman!
    I practising on Swaroodaya for the last more than 9 years and gained benefit from it. I am very much interested the entitled ‘Muktashashtra’ which is in Gujratati. Is there this book is available in Hindi or English language. Please guide me through my E-mail.
    Dated the 31st July,2013

    1. The book is no longer in print. It is hard to find it

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