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Top secret – Shakti

Since this is top secret – my description will be very incomplete too So, if you are a con artist and want to impress a lot of people or your a magician, and you want to fool people, what do you do? You create an aura of mystery, let the audience fill in the gaps …

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Who am I?

A word of caution for those who chose this method to find the Purusha or Atma. Once again, remember, God is beyond this and before you can surrender to God, merge into God, you will have to be at the level of the Purusha or Atma. Merely saying or thinking you are the Atma or …

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Bhagvada Gita

I have had a series of spectacular experiences some of which I have already forgotten.   However, some of the experiences I remember about the Gita are as follows 1) I was very fortunate to have the darshana of Krishna Bhagwana.  He started off with many many shlokas all praising his Guru.  He praised his Guru …

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