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Fundamentals that are a must to know

Just a collection of one line thoughts! My last written blog of adhara was incomplete due to the computer crashing.  The whole article was written and the computer crashed!  1) Surrender occurs in three stages.  a) Surrender with effort.  Here there is surrender with the sense of I ness. As long as there is a …

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Shiv Mahimna Stotra

The story behind Shiv Mahimna stotra is as follows. Pushpa danta was a Gandharva (a musician for the Gods).  He would visit and enjoy the Garden of the King Chitraratha.  He enjoyed the gardens and the flowers immensely and subsequently started stealing flowers from the Garden.  King Chitraratha could not catch him because he had …

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An important corollary to Kriya Yoga

In case the obvious has escaped the attention of even an astute reader, when true kriya is done and the senses are inverted, all our motor and sensory system is shut off from the external world.  In that situation one hears the Panchjanya conch of Krisha (the comingling of all the lower 5 sounds) and …

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