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General thoughts

It has been a while since I wrote on here. I have had several experiences but have not had time to write them and with time I forget them 1) Swami Vivekananda visited me a few days ago and blessed me. I do not remember the things he told me though. 2) In his books …

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Good Friday – The lost significance.

It is very difficult and rare to find a soul who is truly interested in God and God alone.  The 12 disciples (apostles if you insist), Mary and a few others were genuinely interested in God.  They devoted themselves and their life to God.   First the story of Good Friday. After the last meal, Jesus …

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The Book of Job

My daughter asked me a question if the book of Job was accurate. Let me relate the story of Job briefly.  Job was an extremely pious and pure person.  He had a wife and 7 sons and 3 daughters.  Job constantly asked Gods forgiveness for the transgressions of his children.  Satan then goes to destroy …

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