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Guidelines for Yoga / Rules of Yoga

I changed the name from rules to guidelines. The reason for calling it rules, is because in my opinion, doing yoga is like going into battle where one is constantly battling ones sanskaras.  In other words, in order to win this battle, certain rules must be followed. If one reads any scriptures regarding Yoga and …

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The mind (continued)

We ended the previous blog in a rather gloomy and dismal way.  After all, who likes an existence where there is nothing to look forward to.  A situation where the mind wants nothing and has nothing to look forward to is quite depressing! This is where the problem lies.  The soul is not the mind.  …

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February 5 2009

There is something very physical that turns over. The yogis called it turning over of the Kundalini and according to Aurobindo that is birth of the psychic. When this happens, we see yellow, green and white light in the upper part and black and red light in the lower half. The 5 lights, in yogic …

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