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Karma – Shaivism way

Everyone has their own definition. And they use their own logic and add prepositions etc According to Babaji and Yogananda, true karma or satkarma ( pure or good karma ) is ONLY THE KARMA THAT LEADS TO SELF REALISATION! ( refGod talks with Arjuna) Everything else is akarma ( wrong karma ) Your efforts to …

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  I had a blog on Kriya yoga.  I had a few.  I have a few blogs on Kevali Pranayama   I have not shared much details although the article seems long   However, the fastest way to enlightenment is doing Yoga.  Why is it the fastest? 1.  Our past Karma are binding to us. …

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Yoga Basics and Shiv Swarodaya and the Science of Breathing / Breath

I will only touch the basics about Shiv Swarodaya here.  However, there are a few fundamentals about Yoga that everyone should know. 1) For all individuals, the flow of air / breathing occurs in either left or right nostril.  (Medically, this is due to changes in the sinuses).  When the flow is through the left …

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