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Shradha or Shraadha

This word is pronounced as Shraadha. It is an occasion celebrated differently in different parts of India in different ways. It refers to the rites done by the children as an oblation to their deceased parents and forefathers. The Full moon and the subsequent fortnight in the month of Bhadarva is the time given to …

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Polarity of Chakras

I have alluded this to a few times in my past blogs.  Every chakra except Sahastrar has a negative downward pole, a consciousness that is directed towards the world.  This is referred to in the Bhagvad Gita as the “Dakshinayana” or lower six months of the calendar.  If a person leaves the body while the chakras …

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Today’s meditation was exceptionally good. After all it was Christmas ! Yogananda maharaja has described that the halfway meditation is when one is at agnachakra the streams of prana are seen rolling back from the body going back to Agnatha chakra This is what I experienced. The color if the streams of Prana or light …

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