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Guru Mandali

Last night, as I “slept” my true consciousness was with Kashinath Dada and a group of divine souls.  I dont have a name so for the time being I will call it the Guru Mandali.   They are constantly helping, guiding and creating spiritual aspirations in all those who have surrendered to the divine path and …

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Happy New Year

While the rest of the world was watching the news channel, drinking or at Times square waiting for the ball to fall, I was lying in bed. Right around midnight, Gurudev started talking and telling me things. I do not remember a lot. However, one of the few things that struck out was something he …

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More clarifications

These clarifications are from Yogananda Maharaj and some from personal experience.  There are three worlds.  Gross physical world, the subtle world and the causal or karana world.  The three forces, a sort of autonomic intelligence, hidden from the human eye are Virata, Hiranyagarbha and Ishwara respectively.  To give an eg.  the function of Virata is …

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