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Should I read this blog?

NO These blogs are not meant for everyone.   There are many “experts” and “gurus” out there and I would strongly recommend going to them.  I do not offer much in way of material gains at all.  What I offer is meant for a select few people who are determined – determined, not casually interested …

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“Sundere sundero ram sundere sunderi katha Sundere sunderi sita sundere Kim na sunderem” Translation : In Sunderkand, Ram is beautiful, the story is beautiful and Sita Ma is beautiful, hence the name Sunderkand. In Sri Lanka, the Trikutachal Mountains had 3 levels, Neel, Suvel and Sundar. Most of the events of Sunderkand occur in the …

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Who am I?

A word of caution for those who chose this method to find the Purusha or Atma. Once again, remember, God is beyond this and before you can surrender to God, merge into God, you will have to be at the level of the Purusha or Atma. Merely saying or thinking you are the Atma or …

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