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Good Friday – The lost significance.

It is very difficult and rare to find a soul who is truly interested in God and God alone.  The 12 disciples (apostles if you insist), Mary and a few others were genuinely interested in God.  They devoted themselves and their life to God.   First the story of Good Friday. After the last meal, Jesus …

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The curious case of the cart before the horse.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they put the cart before the horse.  It is a perpetual mistake in spirituality and thus no matter how much they desire to progress, they always remain stagnant or at best make a tiny step forward. What do I mean by putting the cart before the …

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Prahlad was born to a demon named Hiranyakashipu.  Hiranyakashipu had prayed to Vishnu and had obtained a boon. He wanted immortality but Vishnu said, that cannot be given but ask for anything else.  Hiranyakashipu then got the boon that he could not be destroyed indoors or outdoors, in daytime or nighttime, by anything living or …

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