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In lay terms – let’s create our palace !

How did Babaji create a palace? Well in lay terms for common people to understand, This is how he did it! By Yogananda On a grand scale, Mahavatar Babaji created a golden palace to fulfill a long-forgotten desire of Lahiri Mahasaya-an event I have recorded in Autobiography of a Yogi. The “miracle” was explained thus: …

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Annapurna stotram

These verses were composed by Shankaracharya Maharaj There is a story that Lord Shankar talked about the illusory nature of the world. Now the word , the world is an illusion is grossly misunderstood. Yes we can say it is an illusion when you no longer have a body. But while you have a body …

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Why is it advaita ?

The moment you mention one or zero you think there is a count So Hinduism in its infinite wisdom uses the word advaita. Meaning not two. Meaning no scope for counting ShankarAcharya goes way beyond it and says