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Old poem

Freedom Trapped by ego trapped by thy mind Trapped by emotions Trapped in thy body. Learn to be a master No longer a slave Either to mind Or body. Know thy spirit And freedom reigns. So light And sprite Is thy spirit. Why shackle it With ego. Know thy spirit And freedom reigns Beware Of …

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A riddle and old poem

Tell me tell me What it is No thought no logic No ego no emotions Neither life nor death Who am I ? Knowledge limits you Beyond understanding am I Compassion am I But I have no compassion Love I have none For love am I Thus spake the great The riddle to be solved …

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Why do you meditate? A poem

Oh fool why do you meditate? Why fast and why go to temple Why do Japa and why chant name Why do yoga and why enjoy bhoga? Know you not your already the divine? If you lose something you look for it If you don’t have it you want it If you have no joy …

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