A poem – says it all

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A gift of love I want to share

A gift of love that cannot be told

Try as I might, the words fail

Try as I might, all logic fails

Did nothing, got everything

Gurus grace, and all was done

Any effort, all undone

It is an art, give Guru your all

But first you must know what you have

End of day, you have nothing,

All you can give is yourself

Give yourself, is not just your mind

Give yourself, it is not just your brain

Give yourself, it is not just your body

Give yourself, it is not just your money

Give yourself, your essence too

Give yourself, your pran a must too

Give it all, nothing left to go Give

The beginning of path

No more deed left

The end of the journey ( guided by desire and gunas)

The beginning of the journey ( qualities of divine)

Joy it is joy is all

In that joy problems dissolve

We think, hence problems

We worry hence problems

But in that divine joy they all dissolve

Find a yogi, who lives there

His grace, takes you there

There is no other way

Cured And awake

Sombargiris Daas happy at his feet

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