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“Sundere sundero ram sundere sunderi katha Sundere sunderi sita sundere Kim na sunderem” Translation : In Sunderkand, Ram is beautiful, the story is beautiful and Sita Ma is beautiful, hence the name Sunderkand. In Sri Lanka, the Trikutachal Mountains had 3 levels, Neel, Suvel and Sundar. Most of the events of Sunderkand occur in the …

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Sunderkand and Ramayana

prabhu bhala kinha mohi sikha dinhi, marajadi puni tumhari kinhi. dhola, nagaar, sudra, pasu, nari, sakala tadna ke adhikari    This is from Sundarkand, verse 58.  This particular paragraph caught my attention because of Arvind Pathak when he stated in his lecture that he was making a change in what Tulsidasa had to say.  He …

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The greatest manifestation of Om or the holy Ghost as the Christians call it, is Hanumanji.  There never was and I suspect there will never be a greater manifestation.  He is the supreme ruler who effortlessly does all the work and is still alive.  Amazingly, Rama Bhagwan took samadhi, but his Guru Vasishtha Maharaj, his disciple Hanumanji and …

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