Category: Holy Ghost

Fleas / Worries and Fear

Worries and thoughts are like fleas on a dog. They constantly bite the individual, suck the energy (blood) and torment. It is only when the number of fleas or worries become insurmountable do we see it as a problem. After a while the individual becomes comfortable being a worry wart. In fact they believe if …

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A few more thoughts – nectar, Gurudev, Love

I have forgotten to mention that of late, tasting the nectar has been more frequent.  I am still ashamed of it – coming from a tradtion where drinking the nectar regularly was a significant characterestic, I have perhaps tasted it only seldom. Gurudev tasted and drank the nectar regularly.  One Gurupurnima in 1982, when all …

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Mantra, The Word, Aum

I am glad my daughter is taking immense interest in spirituality.  This beautiful and royal road to God has become complicated by everyone claiming to know the way, giving their own versions of concocted ideas and floating in the world of thoughts and ideas but not walking the royal road to God.  This blog will …

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