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Is my surrender complete?

This has to be with all your mind, all your emotions, not a shred of ego, with all your heart, no logic and no selfish interest that if I surrender God will take care of your wishes or needs. The surrender should be such – I don’t care if I am deprived of everything in …

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The problem with the masses

The average IQ of a nation varies. Singapore has IQ of 109 average USA 98 INDIA 81 Source : https://www.worlddata.info/iq-by-country.php Why is this interesting? Just an observation stupidity abounds So what does this have to do with spirituality? Ego plus lack of intelligence makes rumors and false information spread like wild fire. There are a …

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Did I reach Atman ?

Soul, mind, body, brain, senses, the world, the cosmos—all are creations of Spirit. The wise man, not conceiving himself as the architect of anything (not even his own destiny), does not laugh or cry or disturb himself with the ups and downs of dualities. An egotist is never satisfied, be he rich, poor, a clerk, …

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