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Link to Original Document Do you think we have made progress – in dealing with fear? If you go back more than 100- 200 years and can imagine life at that time, the hardships they faced were quite daunting No electricity or water. People were at the mercy of forces of nature. Wind, fire, rain …

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Link to Original Document So what is peace? Depends on the level you are at. For very ordinary people, they experience peace in strains of the world. Such as? They go on a long trip. Come back home and oh this this finally peaceful. Or after hectic day or after an exam is over and …

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Our choices in life

Link to Original Document Humans have a funny attitude. About life. Their problems. Their hardship. And about other people and their success Let’s take a situation of getting married. We get married. Or live together. Except for the legal situation, it is the same. Now when you get married – either arranged marriage if you …

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