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So one thing I have discovered is every place And every location has its own outward or inward pull

Based on what Maya has arranged the people of that nation follows that particular pull. Those people in general will behave in that way. People will believe it was their decision but truth be told, that are merely flowing in the river in the direction decided by Maya

The river can change directions. And it does. Based on

  1. Passage of time
  2. The people in masses collectively change what they seek ( difficult to do)
  3. Divine will
  4. The will of a great Guru

Now a Guru does not interfere so much. But his mere presence can influence a few people , village or towns, states or country or nations

So in my travels I discovered this

That’s why meeting an enlightened makes a difference. If he so wills , all the defects which a person faces in making progress can be changed

I remember a few years ago, there were some aspects of maya were quite challenging. I met this person. He did not help me. And I was very ok with it. Spent a week with him. Last day as I was leaving, in the last one minute , he suddenly willed it. And there were no more problems. My uncle Dineshuncle was great. A few years later I told him thank you.

He merely smiled. Did not take responsibility. But I knew it . His work for this life was over. Soon after that he left the body

Such is the divine play. Others will not know the secret things that happen.

As such he Is not gone. I still comes And talks. Helps others. My children. But they don’t know it. Who can know the drama they play or why. He walks around with Gurudev. Making significant progress ! On his way to a perfect Guru.

Anyway. What more can i say ? Without help no one can progress. Such advanced people help more than a perfect Guru can. Why? We have many deficiencies to eradicate.

Back to the story. So when such great beings go to temples, they purify the temple! Make it perfect. Those places are called Siddha Peeth. In those places if you have a clean heart, you can have remarkable experiences.

But going to those places with an advanced yogi is beneficial. Great Guru glance at him and we can have secondary benefit

Most of those places are in India. People see the dirt And filth However God remains inside as an olive oil, don’t worry if you are the worst of worst, I am still with you!

Such places are very few

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