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Vaman Avatar

Hiranyakashipu was evil Rakshasa. His son Prahlad was very devoted to Vishnu. His father tried to have Prahlad killed in many ways Ultimately Narsinh Avatar emerged from a heated column. He killed Hiranyakashipu More about it later Prahlad grandson was Bali. Bali was pure abd pious. During his reign there was no famine and everyone …

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Dharma – religion

The meaning of Dharma – as per Vivekaanda (and Yogananda) comes from the Sanskrit root word Dhru.  This means to uphold So what does Dharma uphold?  It upholds all the properties of the universe.  Thus the fact that the electron rotates around the nucleus , that is a property that does not get violated.  What …

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Jesus Christ

Today, I was reminded of a few experiences I had about Jesus.  They were within the last 15 years.  1)  I was new to USA and had no idea or concept about Good Friday.  I was deep in meditation and I had a very clear and concise vision of Jesus.  Later that day, while driving …

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