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In continuation – peace

So those very fortunate people who are given peace – peace to such a high degree. And joy to that degree – are worthless Worthless from a society standpoint. They remain incapable to work. Once in that state , that state is so intoxicating, they don’t move from one place to another. They lie Or …

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How to perform miracles

Realized souls, who have healed themselves of ignorance, behold the body as a dream of God, frozen mind of Divinity. When the eye of wisdom is opened by meditation, the gloom of mortal ignorance and physical and mental agonies is dispelled by God’s light reflected in the soul. Jesus knew the causal relation between mind …

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Perfect Guru disciple relation

In the spiritually receptive, loyalty to the guru rises spontaneously when the disciple’s heart is bathed in the aura of the guru’s unconditional love. The soul knows that it has found at last a true friend, counselor, and guide. The disciple strives therefore to reciprocate the guru’s unconditional love, especially when tested, even as the …

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