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The life of the enlightened

Christlike souls use their divine power like the Heavenly Father, only to win, never to harm, God’s erroneous children. Darkness can be dispelled only by light. Sin can be dispelled only by righteousness, nurtured by forgiveness and love, which heals the wounds, the ignorance, and the rage in errant hearts. Jesus set a wondrous example …

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God is everywhere but

“Gazing one Sunday morning at the masses of flowers that decorated the church, the Master said, “I thank you for the flowers. God is always pleased to receive flowers because He Himself is beautiful, and He created beauty in the flowers so that they would speak of Him. More than anything else in nature they …

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In continuation – peace

So those very fortunate people who are given peace – peace to such a high degree. And joy to that degree – are worthless Worthless from a society standpoint. They remain incapable to work. Once in that state , that state is so intoxicating, they don’t move from one place to another. They lie Or …

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