The life of the enlightened

Christlike souls use their divine power like the Heavenly Father, only to win, never to harm, God’s erroneous children. Darkness can be dispelled only by light. Sin can be dispelled only by righteousness, nurtured by forgiveness and love, which heals the wounds, the ignorance, and the rage in errant hearts. Jesus set a wondrous example of grand, humble, almighty godliness to light man’s way out of darkness.

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
947, The second coming of Christ.

A few things

He uses the word Christlike souls. It means a few things. There are others similar to him
Secondly it means not all soul are at same level Although they are inherently same they are unable to manifest similarly. Seven such levels.

Can you imagine trying to imitate his greatness ? Wrongly crucified. Betrayed by his disciple Judas. Intense pain and yet he had only love

Such a soul is called Prem avatar. A divine manifestation of love

Yogananda was a Prem avatar
His Guru was a Gyan avatar. Incarnation of knowledge
Lahiri Mahasaya was a Yoga avatar. Showing secrets of Yoga and awakening
Vishnutirthji was an incarnation of Purity

And so on.

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