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Shradha or Shraadha

This word is pronounced as Shraadha. It is an occasion celebrated differently in different parts of India in different ways. It refers to the rites done by the children as an oblation to their deceased parents and forefathers. The Full moon and the subsequent fortnight in the month of Bhadarva is the time given to …

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Sankalpa, Determination, Wish, Desire and Tapa

It is sad that even the more “advanced” disciples do not know what Sankalpa is.  I would like to clarify these terms one after the other. Wish – I generally equate wish as something that is fleeting. For eg. your walking, it is a hot sunny afternooon and you see your favorite ice cream, you suddenly …

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SRF – Yogananda’s favorite story and Three Gunas, Difference in Surrender and yielding

One of the favorite stories Yogananda used to relate was the story of 2 frogs stuck in a pot full of milk.  They both tried to get out of the pot but could not.  After a while one frog gave up (yielded) and drowned.  The other frog kept persisting and in his or her effort …

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