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Last 3 days the meditations have been deeper. No matter how deep you go, you can always go deeper! 2 days ago, my meditation was so deep that all that was left was an awareness of a mass of energy. I suspect that this is the “siddhapitha” one of the places between Agna chakra and …

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There are two ways of self improvement.  The negative way is the way of learning from our mistakes.  The positive way is by the love of God.  The negative way :  Let us say for example we love Pizza.  We go to a pizza place and pig out.  That very night we have severe abd. …

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General thoughts – how to talk with God

It is only the soul that can communicate with God directly  not the thoughts… Thoughts are disorganized and thoughts have a mental impression or fantasy about how God is or maybe  and we take our thoughts to be very accurate.  and that is where all religions and sects in Christianity fight They have a certain logical …

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