We don’t know how to see!

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Have you ever thought, do the liberated people see the world the same way we do?

The answer is NO

Now being in a bound state, we really cannot know it, can we?

No matter what they say – I see God everywhere – what is the most we can think ?

Oh they must have a thought process -that this table is God. Or they must see krishna as the face or krishna in their right side of chest ! This is the most a bound person can imagine – what a liberated person sees !

Truth is – it is beyond our comprehension! Of course! God is beyond any logic ! So that perception is beyond us

Such divine person – all we can do or should do is bow to them!

So the more important thing is how do we get there?

All that you know And all that you understand is the necessary basic steps

The next step is to put it in practice by meditation. Layer by layer , peel off the 6 bodies. Three in self and three virat, hiranyagarbh, etc

Then obtain mastery over all of them

Yet this is a minor step. Further must obtain mastery over samadhi ! Forget the body in a second. Forget Maya , time in a second

And after this , your path begins

Many many deep steps. As long as you remain in the world of thought process, you are still preparing. Meditation is yet to begin. Every thought is an inference not experience

Once you go within, there is peace , joy. Peace so powerful, that anyone who touches you loses all thoughts too.

I recently did chaar dhaam yatra. It is an arduous journey. Even with helicopter. Always a risk of death. The time you get to be at the temple is 5 seconds or less. It leaves empty feeling – especially if you are a sponge – thirsty – want to suc spend hours

I hope sometime these shrines are left for the sincere And rest of the world can go to glamorous places.

Yet if you are genuine, they say you will not leave empty handed Great saints. Greater than we can imagine, perhaps are there

They love us bless us. Inspite of our foolishness of worldly thoughts.

My question is – do you want their love and blessings? Their true love is in waking us up! In order to wake up – are you ready to see the ugly side of the world full of pain and misery And experience that? Or do you want the blessing which grant your wishes but you remain in ignorance, only to come back again to this miserable world?

In reality the pain in the world is not needed to wake up. Just hold on to the sleeve of an awake person – peacefully you will have the spontaneous wish to be liberated.

Few hold on to such great people.

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