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Self Realization Fellowship (SRF) energizing exercises (contd)

I would like to continue on expounding on SRF exercises.  I wrote about it briefly in the past.  However, to understand it fully, one has to have a clear understanding on prana. Yesterdays blog and elsewhere in my blogs there is a more precise explanation of the prana. As we talked about, the only way …

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Pranayama – Breathing Exercises, SRF, Kriya Yoga

Pranayama – prana is the vital force, the force or energy used by Om or the Holy Ghost to run all 3 universes – the gross, subtle and causal.  The word ayama means control. The most gross manifestations of the working of prana is breathing.  It also includes all other bodily functions.  Similarly it has …

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Atma or Christ Consciousness

Yesterdays, blog had my experience of the consciousness.  Tonight, I had the same experience but a little deeper Although, the bodily consciousness was not there, at times there was the consciousness of the samadhi, but behind it all, like a silent witness, there was the consciousness of the self. A silent witness, without any reaction!  …

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