In the last a few days, a thought has passed by. Without giving details, how often should one meditate?

  1. Yogananda said if you read one hour meditate for 10 hours
  2. He also said meditate twice day 8 hours a day
  3. Vivekananda and Ramkrishna talked about 24 hours of mediation
  4. Yoga sutras imply something similar

It is not just duration but duration must be with depth.

Nothing is better or more important

So why is it that even with good intentions we cannot meditate that much?

It is simply because we have not caught the core of something precise within

Those who have it , ability to go within are rare ! Very rare!

Mansoor mastana was a Sufi Saint. He had a wonderful bhajan

ના જા મંદિર ના જા મસ્જિદ
કિતબે દલ પાણી મેં !
શરબે શોખ પિતાજા

Don’t go to temples or mosques
Throw your books in water
Indulge in alcohol with pleasure!

Of course he not talking about becoming a vagrant but he is describing his status of going within

Buddha said, if you books agree with me, that’s good for them

As far as I am concerned, I find them misleading.

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