November 2020 archive

A modern story of Ganesh – failure of the mind

In 1995 there was a huge story circulating through out India. Ganesh and his idol is alive and drinks milk Here is one of the link What happened was some devote had milk too the idol. ( Left it on a container near Ganesh idol). And the milk disappeared! The news spread like wild …

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Let us all applaud on the stupidity on the net. What’s app So many profound foolish statements abound Look at this statement No anger means no enemy outside! But there are many times, enemies on outside just create fear, anguish, despair. Enemies – outside? Where is outside when you are in mediation! If you don’t …

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Karma – Shaivism way

Everyone has their own definition. And they use their own logic and add prepositions etc According to Babaji and Yogananda, true karma or satkarma ( pure or good karma ) is ONLY THE KARMA THAT LEADS TO SELF REALISATION! ( refGod talks with Arjuna) Everything else is akarma ( wrong karma ) Your efforts to …

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