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There is only so much spirituality you can handle

Like I mentioned there are 7 soul types. Somewhere in previous blog People can only handle spirituality only to a certain degree. Based on past and soul type What do I mean? 1). Let’s say you believe in God. A figure. And you do good deeds. Can you handle being with God for eternity. Just …

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Self Realization Fellowship (SRF) energizing exercises (contd)

I would like to continue on expounding on SRF exercises.  I wrote about it briefly in the past.  However, to understand it fully, one has to have a clear understanding on prana. Yesterdays blog and elsewhere in my blogs there is a more precise explanation of the prana. As we talked about, the only way …

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SRF lessons

There are other countless references to Yogananda here in my blogs.  I will focus here more on some of “mudras” referred to in Yoga books and by Yogananda Maharaja in his SRF lessons. There are three techniques that were revealed in general by Yogananda Maharaja 1) Hung sau technique 2) Jyoti Mudra (in ancient terms …

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