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Kabir was a perfected saint , Guru, God He was born in a poor family , an outcast He desperately was searching for a Guru. He heard of Guru Ramanand. He approached Ramanand – and Ramanand rejected him. Insulted him. Telling him he is full an outcast family and can’t accept him But Kabir was …

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~Kabir-related films, books, links~   ( info from Linda Hess) *Indicates film or book featuring Prahlad Singh Tipanya, renowned Kabir singer from the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. Born in the small village of Lunyakhedi, with no musical background in his family, Prahlad-ji joined the local tradition of singing Kabir bhajans in the melodious and …

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Kabir poem

Difficult to understand – the words of a great Saint I have the translation here Struck by a bladless spear, he sits under the tree Surely he will die either today or tomorrow. This is a  difficult passage to understand, but this is my interpretation.  Bladeless spear – is awakening of the shakti.  It is …

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