Kabir song – tamburitza

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I will give the lyrics then explain

Ho saadho! (O wise ones!)

Yeh tan thaat tambure ka (This Body is a Splendid Tambura)

Paanch tatv ka bana hai tambura (Made of the five elements)

Taar laga nau ture ka (strung together wth nine resonances)

Aicat taar marodat khoonti (Tighten the strings, twist the pegs)

Nikasat raag hajoore ka (and it sings the song of the Lord)

Toota taar, bikhar gayi khoonti (The strings snap, the pegs lie scattered)

Ho gaya dhoor madhure ka (the sweetness has turned to dust)

Yaa dehi ka garab na keejai (Don’t cling in vain to this body)

Ud gaya hans tambure ka (Its swan has flown away)

Kahe Kabir, suno baayi sadho (Kabir says, listen seekers –)

agam panth ek soore ka (the path of the brave is pathless)

You can read the translation

Tambure – the body

Is made of 5 elements ( Akash, vaayu, agni, jal, prithvi) And has 9 beautiful tunes.

This is a spiritual experience in mediation. When meditation is deep, the elements make different melodies. There are the guan and karma indriyas that make the sounds. These are the strings in subtle body that makes the physical body alive.

But don’t destroy it by twisting the pegs and strengthening the strings – meaning sever connection with the body by abusing the chakras ( pegs). The indriya are intertwined there

If you do that, the strings break and you reciting gods name will be of no use ( Nikasat meaning useless)

A rare person can tune in to single syllable to reach God. Meaning forego other sounds and merge in AUM

This will be better on a audio blog

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