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Vyoma means akash. Normally akash means sky but here it means space.

Different people have given either 3 or 5 vyoma. Mahayog vigyan, a traditional treatise on Yoga, written by Yogendra vigyani describes 5

Another great authority Vasistha maharaj or Bhagwan gives 3 vyoma.

Since the entire internet has no concept or understanding and definately no experience of it, they only describe 3. Even their interpretation has been very lacking. I will give a very brief description here and more details elsewhere.

So the three Vyoma are

  1. Bhutakasha
  2. Chittakasha
  3. Chidakasha.

Bhutakasha – refers to the space we experience in this world. This space, does not exist but appear real only to the ignorant. In samadhi / gyan stage, this space is absent.

Chittakash – this refers to chitta akash or space. This is part of chitta. This chitta is not the emotions as described by Yogananda Paramhansa or the vital as described by Aurobindo. It is something that is more real.

Chidakasha – This is chit akasha, not chitta. This is also known as Gagan mandal. Or Bhramar Gufa or the cave. This is where kutastha ends or begins . Ends or begins depend on the status of the yogi. Here, the great saints are. Few ever get there. In this world, in public, there is no one who goes there. In my private blogs on Kutastha, I have described it in great detail

Now, Yogananda has described 5 akasha. Those are sub classes within one of the akasha above. More about it later.

Sadly, everyone out there are not really Gurus. They are motivational speakers. They are incapable of giving any spiritual experience or true explanation. I tried, looking up vyoma. There is nothing there.

Most people are looking for motivational speakers.

Recently, some one sent me a video about takng food to a temple. And when you take it to temple it is food and when you come out , it is called prasad. That is true. Their point was it is change in perspective.

However, if you take the same food to a Yogi, it truly becomes prasad, since it is permeated with divinity and it not a perspective change but a true change of food into something divine.

Lucky are those who receive this.

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