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Acting !

Link to Original Document Some people are born actors! In real life. Some are not. Ok, so what is my point? When we see people or we see their photos, people seem so happy. And we often wish to be happy like them. You go to a party. They seem to be enjoying the party. …

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Meditation in numbers

Link to Original Document There are steps to meditation Pranayama Pratyahar Dharna Dhyana Savikalp samadhi Nirvikalpa samadhi People talk about going to Samadhi without even reaching step zero. That is not possible Aurobindo never reached a state where body consciousness is lost. A state that yogananda applauded. That is not to say Aurobindo contribution was …

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Necessity of meditation

Link to Original Document We know the ideals. I can list them in brief Silence the mind Not to get upset no matter what the difficulty in life is ( in fact if it can not get upset, the problem resolves) Not to crave things in the world including food, sex, money, travel, company, want …

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