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Writing blogs

I have not been writing much What is the point ? No one truly gets the concept People continue in their ways. They try and perhaps make significant effort to go forward. But Their efforts are in vain – because they don’t want to change in their ways of thinking or give up the selfish …

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Is my surrender complete?

This has to be with all your mind, all your emotions, not a shred of ego, with all your heart, no logic and no selfish interest that if I surrender God will take care of your wishes or needs. The surrender should be such – I don’t care if I am deprived of everything in …

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A miracle

Don’t expect this all the time If miracles occurred to us all the time , we would lose its importance But miracles do occur every second to the siddha and enlightened. But we can’t see them Once in a while Shakti reveals those miracles to us Here is a story of Yogananda “I remember at …

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