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One of My favorite

Mother sings a song to son crying. Infant. And helping infant sleep

Pains in life

Are necessary. Otherwise the mind would be a rotten brat. Causing grief to others incessantly What to do when others give you grief though?

Ashtavakra gita

What kind of nonsense is this? The world is filled with himself / herself? Is your meditation to this degree? Do you think it is just lunacy? A totally lunatic thought process that you are everywhere? Mind you, there are many idiots out there – who keep saying and thinking this way – and tell …

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My vision

Open eyes, see the world, blind your are Myopic vision, forget the world, rudra you are No vision, no creation, shiv you are No vision, destroyer of creation, Sada shiv / guru you are Words create imaginations, words come from thought Thought arise from desires, now bound you are Says Bhavin thrice, Divine you are

The problem is….

After reading the last blog , I noticed that most readers are not interested in God. They want to learn about chakra. Read about it. But not experience it The chakras are different stations on the way to knowing God. They are very powerful stations. Some of the lower chakras have descriptions like – once …

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A word of caution

There are 7 chakras Actually a lot more but for beginners knowing the are 7 is a good start They are not in the gross physical body. No CT, MRI, functional MRI, SPECT scan or surgeon has ever seen them. Yet there are thousands of Internet pages on the chakra – discussing the body and …

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Even this is not the final true consciousness

From Ramana. A continuation of the last blog. Are you in India now? Or is India in you? Even now this notion that you are in India must go. India is in you. In order to verify it, look to your sleep. Did you feel that you were in Europe or in India while asleep? …

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Tip of the iceberg

From Ramana Maharishi D.: If trance be my natural state, why is it said that trance is necessary to be got before Realisation? M.: That means that one should be aware of his eternal state of trance. Inattentiveness to it is ignorance. ‘Pramado vai mrtyuh’ (inattention is death itself). D.: How can I be attentive …

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A corollary to previous blog So if the self is powerful then you can verify your experience of the self by display of power in lesser to bigger degrees Patanjali in his book Yogadarshan chapter 3 describes all the powers that an be reached and how. This would solve everything that Neem Karoli baba and …

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Vivekananda – a story about power

Once, In Heaven There Was A Discussion Among The Gods To Decide Where The Miraculous Secret Power, The Power By Which Man Can Achieve Anything In This World Was To Be Kept Hidden. One Of The Gods Suggested That It Could Be Kept Hidden In The Depths Of The Sea. Another Said It Could Be …

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