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Vyadha Gita

There are many Gita. The Gita that most people quote is Bhagvad Gita. But there is Ram Gita, Avdhoot Gita, Vyadha Gita, Uttar Gita, etc Gita in sanskrit means song. This is the celestial songs, which the greatest sages have made. These savants cannot be mimicked and everything else that people write is merely an …

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Someone posed a question – the blogs of top secret shakti and a big book – are they contradictory? I described in detail about awakening of shakti. The long course with multiple levels of awakening But in the next breath I say all you need is silence the mind and what is left is pure …

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Sincere souls!

“I can give my life for a sincere Soul” “”””””””””””””””””””””””‘””‘””””””” I can give my life for a sincere Soul, but insincer souls I stay away from. I am never insincere with anyone, and that is the way we all should live in this world. We must be fearless, sincer, surrounded not only with those whom …

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