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Organizational (mis)leaders

Link to Original Document I know my blog is about Spirituality. However, nothing I say will ever lead me to being a Guru or having an organization or being part of a section, cult etc I am very much against most religious organizations. (There are a few organizations which are am exception )Why am I …

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Make your self happy!

Link to Original Document So, here is the secret! There is a big difference between perceived happiness and true happiness We came to earth. With a set of desires. Wants and all our life we chase it. Struggle for it ! Face disappoint and finally get victory. It lasts a while and then taken away! …

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When will I have true awakening?

Link to Original Document First finish your obligations! If you look at Lahiri Mahasaya or Syam Charan he was trying to go to higher levels but could not. He buried himself in sand and mediated as a child but could not go much further. He was forced to work at the railway and when that …

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