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Sodom – Do we need to understand?

Link to Original Document There is a story in the bible. About the city / town of Sodom. Where there was unusual or forbidden sexual activity. (you can figure it out what it was). There was the wrath of God , and the city was destroyed. So the activity was later deplored and it went …

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A very deceitful God

Link to Original Document God himself is very deceitful. Everyone in this world, ( if not a yogi) has a very long list of things they want to complain about My list itself is very long. Things that are wrong with his creation. Things that could be done better. And my own personal grievances against …

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Link to Original Document God talks with Moses. And tells him, he did not tell others before him, but his name is YHWH Try pronouncing it! You can do a lot of internet search. And find many scholars talk about it. Tell you there is no I in Latin. Of this is a combination of …

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