Necessity of meditation

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We know the ideals. I can list them in brief

  • Silence the mind
  • Not to get upset no matter what the difficulty in life is ( in fact if it can not get upset, the problem resolves)
  • Not to crave things in the world including food, sex, money, travel, company, want respect or appreciation, etc
  • Be equal to friend or foe
  • Be equal in wealth and poverty
  • Stop imagining the future
  • Be equal in failure And positive results
  • Have infinite patience during difficult times
  • Looking forward to meditation
  • Ability to forget body
  • The list goes on

Now these ideals are not easy to reach. We may imagine we can do it, but practically very difficult. The mind is not under our control. It controls us and gives a lot of misery

So the goal is to tame the mind. Just to make your life easier also, tame the mind. Forget about God. And this is the brilliance of God. Don’t believe in me, he says, just tame your mind and you will be joyous. When you can do that, whether you believe in God or not, the end result is the same – you realize your divinity!

So what is to be done? We can’t tame the mind with sheer will. It takes a special power. It takes power of prana to control the mind. Hence the yoga techniques. Or do the Lion mudra

Now you see why yoga and learning it from an accomplished Guru is needed. Or from a person who has advanced

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