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Yoga sutra chapter 2 verse 19

The translation by Vivekananda is The states of the qualities are the defined, the undefined, the indicated only, and the signless.    visheshavisheshalinggamatralinggani gunnaparvani The web link is http://oaks.nvg.org/yoga-sutras.html Veda Vyas has explained it i great detail. However the translation of what Veda Vyas wrote and typed by a variety of translators has been weak …

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The lokas – confusing terminology?

In the holy science, Sri Yukteshwar maharaj gives the 7 lokas Satlok – the creator / God / self Tapolok- this refers to Lalitha. This has nothing to do with tapa or penance Janlok- sons of Gods Maharlok- Maya Swarlok – maha shunya great void Bhuvar lok – shunya or void Bhuvarlok – the all …

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