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The life of the enlightened

Christlike souls use their divine power like the Heavenly Father, only to win, never to harm, God’s erroneous children. Darkness can be dispelled only by light. Sin can be dispelled only by righteousness, nurtured by forgiveness and love, which heals the wounds, the ignorance, and the rage in errant hearts. Jesus set a wondrous example …

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Cosmology and Aum – an introduction to dark matter and energy

Paramhansa Yukteshwar clearly described Aum. First it is the wave of love and then there is Aum which is 4 things all occurring simultaneously and are identical. They are – space, time, particle and the sound of Aum Now these things can be easily verified by any disciple when there is awakening of Shakti. This …

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God – is he everywhere?

He exists in two forms. Simultaneously. The one beyond all creation. The other in the smallest of small atom, proton, quark, lepton , boson. In fact all the energy of boson and the four fundamental forces of life come from him. Thus he is both everywhere and no where and in this world and beyond …

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