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A big book!

When you can’t understand things you need an explanation If you still can’t get it you need a bigger book and a book on the explanation If you still can’t get it you need an encyclopedia But a smart person gets it in one word Shivohum. You are shiv. Now it creates all the problems! …

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Real or dream?

When man becomes a little enlightened he compares his experiences relating to the material creation, gathered in the wakeful state, with his experiences in dream; and, understanding the latter to be merely ideas, begins to entertain doubts as to the substantial existence of the former. His heart then becomes propelled to know the real nature …

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Yukteshwar Maharaj Birthday

Today May 10 is his birthday Happy Birthday Paramguru Sri Yukteswarji “All human ills arise from some transgression of Universal law, The scriptures point out that man must satisfy the laws of Nature, while not discrediting the Divine Omnipotence.” ~Sri Yukteswarji So there we have it! Covid – human transgression. Globally. Human greed. Corporate greed. …

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