Cosmology and Aum – an introduction to dark matter and energy

Paramhansa Yukteshwar clearly described Aum. First it is the wave of love and then there is Aum which is 4 things all occurring simultaneously and are identical. They are – space, time, particle and the sound of Aum

Now these things can be easily verified by any disciple when there is awakening of Shakti. This is the first stepping stone to the infinite

So, a Yogi can very easily dwell and learn about theory of relativity and also about the dark matter and energy

We only see 4-5 % of the universe. The remaining part is dark matter and dark energy

So allow me to help the astrophysics. They may or may not be able to confirm this for now, but give it a few decades or a century and the truth will be confirmed
1). Dark matter and energy was created at the same time as the visible universe.
2) There was a single force that became visible universe and dark matter and energy
3) In the first steps of creation, there were the following
A). Quantum particles – quarks and leptons – the corresponding that was produced was the dark matter
B) The interacting forces between quantum particles – dark energy was the larger counter part
C) Intense heat or energy – this is the force that shaped the above 2 based on rapidity of cooling
4) In Heisenbergs principle of uncertainty – states you cannot predict the location or the spin of the electrons for example You can only predict one of the two. Another corollary is You can never predict the Schrodingers cat – whether it is alive or not. (Now recently someone has figured out a way to beat this problem). The same is true for the Dark Energy and Matter. Here the variable will be expansion or collapsing forces. It will appear based on what the quantum particles wants it to be. In this case, The quantum particles are us and our perception. So what will happen (when Euclid is functional) some parts will appear to be moving inwards and some will be expanding. (Expansion or contraction of the universe). In other words, the dark matter and energy, responds to our perceptions and emotions since they are very closely connected from creation. Do you remember the experiment and statement, a boiling egg never boils? This statement is true in quantum. The same principles apply to dark energy and matter

Once the physicists and cosmologist can connect these dots, their scientific progress will be exponential.
Our own behavior and emotions interact with the dark energy and forces Whether that behavior is mere observation or trying to look at it. This energy and matter will hide when observed. The steps to discovering it would be first observing the effect and then observing the interaction at a quantum level.

These forces are known has Mahamaya. The great Yogis like Neem Karoli Baba, Babaji, Shankaracharya have mastery over these forces and hence beyond the laws of physics

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