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Difficulties on the path

This will be in 2 parts First let me display what Aurobindo wrote You are quite mistaken in thinking that the possibility of the sunlit path is a discovery or original invention of mine. The very first books of Yoga I read more than thirty years ago spoke of the dark and the sunlit way …

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Is God egotistic?

My father one asked this question Let me give you a phrase from Gita. One can find these Kind of phrases in other books too To those thus ever attached to Me, and who worship Me with love, I impart that discriminative wisdom (buddhi yoga) by which they attain Me utterly. Bhagavan Krishna—in the Bhagavad …

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Last night, I was at the movies.  I was curious if I could go into meditation without pranayama.  I would close my eyes, do the Jyoti mudra (without using my hands) and immediately the prana would flow back from my hands and start moving within to the Brahmanadi.  My hanands and feet would become numb.  …

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