Difficulties on the path

This will be in 2 parts

First let me display what Aurobindo wrote

You are quite mistaken in thinking that the possibility of the sunlit path is a discovery or original invention of mine. The very first books of Yoga I read more than thirty years ago spoke of the dark and the sunlit way and emphasised the superiority of the second over the other.
    It is not either because I have myself trod the sunlit way or flinched from difficulty and suffering and danger. I have had my full share of these things and the Mother has had ten times her full share. But that was because the finders of the Way had to face these things in order to conquer. No difficulty that can come on the sadhak but has faced us on the path; against many we have had to struggle hundreds of times (in fact, that is an understatement) before we could overcome; many still remain protesting that they have a right until the perfect perfection is there. But we have never consented to admit their inevitable necessity for others. It is in fact to ensure an easier path to others hereafter that we have borne that burden. It was with that object that the Mother once prayed to the Divine that whatever difficulties, dangers, sufferings were necessary for the path might be laid on her rather than on others. It has been so far heard that as a result of daily and terrible struggles for years those who put an entire and sincere confidence in her are able to follow the sunlit path and even those who cannot, yet when they do put the trust find their path suddenly easy and, if it becomes difficult again, it is only when distrust, revolt, abhiman, or other darknesses come upon them. The sunlit path is not altogether a fable.

In short, the path to God is full of difficulties. Mother asked the divine goddess that all the challenges be placed on her rather than the disciples. I am not sure how effective this was but nevertheless difficulties and progress are synonymous.


Jesus faced many challenges. To the end. If he took on the sins of the world and disciples none of the subsequent generations ( who believe in him) should suffer. But that is not the case. All of his own direct disciples had significant challenges

If you read the story of every saint , their life was full of many many Hardship. These saints were of such an immense caliber though, all the challenges they faced was not significant to them hence we may not know about them

The corollary is if you have hardship, the divine has chosen you to make progress. Isn’t that wonderful? But you must have faith. Full faith.

Not a doubt in your mind. In the Gita there are 2 words. Sanshayaatma Vinashyate
Those with doubts get destroyed.

Now of course God never destroys anyone. Just the path becomes longer.

If you are sincere and truly want God or truly want to get rid of your slavery to your own mind and body expect hardship on the way but keep your chin up, keep faith for the hardship are the fastest way. May Gods blessings ever be on all those who try even a little

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