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Positive thinking

One of my uncle, Dineshkaka always emphasized positive thinking He has been instrumental in guiding me in my spiritual path throughout In this day and age failure in many tasks is common. However like Yogananda, he Always insisted on positive thinking. So even if you repeated fail to ride a bicycle, do we not try …

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SRF lessons

There are other countless references to Yogananda here in my blogs.  I will focus here more on some of “mudras” referred to in Yoga books and by Yogananda Maharaja in his SRF lessons. There are three techniques that were revealed in general by Yogananda Maharaja 1) Hung sau technique 2) Jyoti Mudra (in ancient terms …

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Deep in my heart, for a long time, I have wanted to touch and hug my Gurudev.  He is everything for me. Yesterday, I my wish was fulfilled.  I spent a lot of time with Gurudev, hugging him, giving him a kiss and bowing repeatedly at his feet.  I told Gurudev, my spritual progress was good.  …

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