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An important point to remember in life!

Link to Original Document Mother ( Aurobindo ) reminds of the right attitude in life And circumstances. We all need to remember it. It is the basis of surrender Here it is He who wants to advance on the path of perfection must never complain about the difficulties on the way, for each is an …

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Half baked knowledge

**The new age is “****Saakshi bhaav”orwitness attitude.What is it? Just silently observe. Observe your thoughts and emotions! Aurobindo talks about it and there is mention of it in Sankhya yoga ** **In case you were not aware Gita is based on Sankhya yogaThe newer Buddhists technique interpreted the witness attitude in either mindfulness or vipassana …

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Circumstances in life Or how to change life difficulties

**We often find that those who are pure and want to make spiritual progress face adverse circumstances repeatedly. They are very troublesome. And those who are very materially inclined have a smooth peaceful life. The conclusion we draw is life is very unfair. ** **I see this quite often. And I Agree with them whole …

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