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Self Realization Fellowship (SRF) energizing exercises (contd)

I would like to continue on expounding on SRF exercises.  I wrote about it briefly in the past.  However, to understand it fully, one has to have a clear understanding on prana. Yesterdays blog and elsewhere in my blogs there is a more precise explanation of the prana. As we talked about, the only way …

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General thoughts

Spiritual Books can be writte in 4 ways 1) Pure fantasy or fiction 2) Books which are a compilation of information (I hate to use the word knowledge because true knowledge of God is only when one has experiened him) from a variety of books.  Often times authors dont give credit to their source except …

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Atma or Christ Consciousness

Yesterdays, blog had my experience of the consciousness.  Tonight, I had the same experience but a little deeper Although, the bodily consciousness was not there, at times there was the consciousness of the samadhi, but behind it all, like a silent witness, there was the consciousness of the self. A silent witness, without any reaction!  …

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