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Is my surrender complete?

This has to be with all your mind, all your emotions, not a shred of ego, with all your heart, no logic and no selfish interest that if I surrender God will take care of your wishes or needs. The surrender should be such – I don’t care if I am deprived of everything in …

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Difficulties on the path

This will be in 2 parts First let me display what Aurobindo wrote You are quite mistaken in thinking that the possibility of the sunlit path is a discovery or original invention of mine. The very first books of Yoga I read more than thirty years ago spoke of the dark and the sunlit way …

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Wisdom or Gyana

When Wisdom comes, her first lesson is, “There is no such thing as knowledge; there are only apercus of the Infinite Deity.” Sri Aurobindo. Here the word wisdom refers to experiencing God. Everything else including bookish knowledge of God is considered Avidya or ignorance Apercus means entertainment To say this more clearly Once you have …

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