Wisdom or Gyana

When Wisdom comes, her first lesson is,
“There is no such thing as knowledge; there are only apercus of the Infinite Deity.”
Sri Aurobindo.

Here the word wisdom refers to experiencing God. Everything else including bookish knowledge of God is considered Avidya or ignorance

Apercus means entertainment

To say this more clearly

Once you have an experience of God. A true true complete experience of God. You laugh at all the books, vedas and upanishads and Gita. Your no longer interested in any of the books!

So this is a true mark that you made your first complete connection with God.

Once you have God, would you really care about what God said 5000 years ago? Or hot to reach God? Or all the theories Of God. Or theories of karma?

Yogananda said, I have not read any books in last 30 years of my life. Yet he know everything

But reading blogs of those who reached there can certainly guide

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