A sign of greatness!

Generally people think the more popular a person, he must be great. That’s what democracy works on. Popular vote. Not on merit. Just on perceived talent. Now most of the people who have an opinion don’t necessarily evaluate the candidate or care about it

So what about in religion? Sadly it is the same thing. Somehow, we believe the more popular the person, more number of disciples the teacher or saint is better! Our mind cannot grasp public opinion is not a sign of greatness. However many people are not secures in their opinion. They have the innate need for more people to think it is accurate

So let’s come to the point
How many people in this world truly want God. Not perceives love. True love. A love where just hearing the name of God tears run down your cheek? How many prefer God to a lavish meal or sex or having a million likes? Very few.

If Jesus waited for those kind of people to like Him he would be an unknown. His popularity came a century after he left the body While he was in body he was disliked – not only by the king but often times even in the villages he visited. And he wanted others to give up their wealth and follow him !

Now do you get the point?

So don’t be after public opinion. Do what is right! Because it is right. Don’t argue with anyone. They have a right to their opinion. When get want to grow, when things off the world are no longer charming they will change and seek a teacher who offers those values. Usually they have very few followers and such teachers are very rare.

This is what Yogananda said

Getting along with people does not mean agreeing with anybody, and it does not mean that you should sacrifice your ideals for their sake. That is not kind of getting along that I mean. But you can maintain your ideals without being offensive. In fact, from the standpoint, Jesus Christ did not get along with many during his time. But he maintained his ideals without being repugnant. He certainly got along with himself, for he knew that what he was doing was right. And he said, ” To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth.”……
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.
Journey To Self-realization. P.144

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