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Sincere friendship

DID WE MEET BEFORE! When you love God, you can truly love others. Your perception of souls is pure-like a crystal-clear mirror. Whoever comes before you will be reflected there as he really is.

 When you unconditionally love your friends, you will see that divine friendship in them. In my earthly father, and in so …

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Is this an Ordinary simple statement?

You cannot be free unless you have burned the seeds of past actions in the fire of wisdom and meditation. ~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, “Yogoda Satsanga annual-series booklet” This is a profound statement! It gives a complete solution! Karma – until all karma is destroyed you can’t escape Reading this is karma. Breathing is karma. …

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Generally people are narrow minded. They think of karma as amount of money, security, people and relations they get. Usually many people focus on their bad fortune and use it to justify not helping others who suffer But here is a powerful statement from Yogananda If you give out love and kindness you will get …

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