January 27, 2006

Pearls – Entry for January 27, 2006

The light that you see is not only light but is also a force and knowledge. When you see the light from outside, you cannot understand this. You have to be in the spiritual plane, realize the light from within or be stationed within or be one with the light to a greater degree to understand this. To be within is the beginning of the “Sankalpa” shakti.

Gurudev said, “After you do Sankalpa, do not do Vikalpa” Vikalpa is the negative thoughts or doubts that arise in the mind.

The light becomes stronger, brighter and deeper when you are stationed within

Yellow light turns to deep orange when you are stationed deeper within!

The biggest and worst effect of bad karma is to cover, hide or bury the consciousness. For eg. A very smart person may suddenly forget something very fundamental. His karma made his consciousness get covered by darkness and make a mistake. Remember, awakening of the consciousness is spiritual progress.

Once merged in the light of God, many karmas are destroyed.

More the consciousness remains awake, one can overcome some karmas. Not all karmas can be overcome. (read Yogananda’s book on Karma – The wisdom way to overcome Karma).

A guru when he awakens the shakti of a disciple, he awakens the power, force in the disciple, instills the new consciousness and gives his light. As a result of this, the disciples karma is taken upon by the Guru. This often causes illness in the guru. It may cause his own consciousness to get covered in darkness (or at least not remain in the same light and awakening as it was. This occurs because besides karma, sanskaras are transferred also). He will have to work to overcome the defects. This may take days. There is a very good example of this. It occured to Swami Shivohum tirthji. He once gave diksha to a hysterical woman. Immediately, his consciousness was covered with the same hysteria and he was not able to walk. This was not a stroke but just that the womans mental hysteria got transferred to Swami Shivohum tirthji. Here, not only was the karma transferred but the Sanskaras of the disciple was also transferred. This is why, it is important for the disciple to stay and do Seva to the Guru after diksha.

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