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Power of vibrations

So vibrations of the soul are very powerful. For Obvious reasons, I will not describe this accurately But as time passes by, couples tend to look alike, behave similarly. Now psychologists will say it is attraction and love but that is not true. There is something deeper and more powerful. Here is an article on …

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Science of fields part 1

Here is an interesting article. It talks about a patient who lost his eyesight but could still navigate around a complex maze ! This is not some hocus pocus or saint blessings by just an extension of ….. How ? Scientifically impossible. The author here considers it as anextension of consciousness But it is not. …

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Introspection and Nidhidhyasana.

Before I forget, I should jot down a few experiences. Gurudev told me about my association with Dinesh uncle.  He told me to do a sankalpa for Moksha for both me and Dinesh uncle.  This occured a few days ago.  I hope this is not in anyway a hint from Gurudev that Dineshuncle is about …

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