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Introspection and Nidhidhyasana.

Before I forget, I should jot down a few experiences. Gurudev told me about my association with Dinesh uncle.  He told me to do a sankalpa for Moksha for both me and Dinesh uncle.  This occured a few days ago.  I hope this is not in anyway a hint from Gurudev that Dineshuncle is about …

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Meditation – some more pearls

Todays meditation was not as deep as yesterday.  However, it was more satisfying.  This may come as a surprise but allow me to explain Say you are climbing a 100 steps.  If you climb all the way to the top stay there for a few second and come right back versus you climb 85 steps …

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Guidelines for Yoga / Rules of Yoga

I changed the name from rules to guidelines. The reason for calling it rules, is because in my opinion, doing yoga is like going into battle where one is constantly battling ones sanskaras.  In other words, in order to win this battle, certain rules must be followed. If one reads any scriptures regarding Yoga and …

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