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Painful life

https://www.craft.do/s/RCxY9L1FCeu4ek I simply love the formatting that can be done in craft app That elegance is missing in WordPress Here is a partially written blog

Greek mythology

The ancient Greeks were very advanced. Look at their architecture and prolific work of literature But , many of them where perfected or nearly perfected souls Vishnutirthji maharaj was there too in one of the births Socrates taught Plato. Plato disciple was Aristotle. Alexander the Great followers Aristotle, came to India. He could not go …

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The life of the enlightened

Christlike souls use their divine power like the Heavenly Father, only to win, never to harm, God’s erroneous children. Darkness can be dispelled only by light. Sin can be dispelled only by righteousness, nurtured by forgiveness and love, which heals the wounds, the ignorance, and the rage in errant hearts. Jesus set a wondrous example …

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