Tag: Vishnutirthji Maharaja

The life of the enlightened

Christlike souls use their divine power like the Heavenly Father, only to win, never to harm, God’s erroneous children. Darkness can be dispelled only by light. Sin can be dispelled only by righteousness, nurtured by forgiveness and love, which heals the wounds, the ignorance, and the rage in errant hearts. Jesus set a wondrous example …

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BY PRACTICING THE EIGHTFOLD YOGA, the devotee first experiences ecstasy for a short time; by deeper practice he is able to remain divinely entranced for longer periods. The ecstatic state of perception of God without perception of the universe is called savikalpa samadhi or samprajnata samadhi. It is seldom, if ever, possible for a yogi …

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Top secret – Shakti

Since this is top secret – my description will be very incomplete too So, if you are a con artist and want to impress a lot of people or your a magician, and you want to fool people, what do you do? You create an aura of mystery, let the audience fill in the gaps …

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