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How to perform miracles

Realized souls, who have healed themselves of ignorance, behold the body as a dream of God, frozen mind of Divinity. When the eye of wisdom is opened by meditation, the gloom of mortal ignorance and physical and mental agonies is dispelled by God’s light reflected in the soul. Jesus knew the causal relation between mind …

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Satan, the Cosmic Evil Intelligence, has his satellites in disreputable persons who have lost in the moral and spiritual battle, working through these decadent beings not only on earth while they are living but also in their afterlife astral existence. As evil-possessed persons do mischief on earth, so these Satan-obsessed astral beings continue their mischief …

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Disease germs have a dormant intelligence that at an opportune time is roused and directed by Satan. Jesus could see the evil force that was responsible for the introduction of fever into the body of Simon’s wife’s mother, and thus he rebuked it away and restored the harmony of health. Jesus commanded the predominating evil …

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