Ecclesiastes 3:11

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1 He has made everything beautiful in its time.(G) He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet[a] no one can fathom(H) what God has done from beginning to end.(I)

The translation has a few versions

In KJ instead of yet they use so that

Also they use world instead of eternity

I find this eternity and yet better

Everyone has their own interpretation

The world and the universe have a beginning and end. Hence it is restricted by time. Human life is restricted by Time

God being eternal is not restricted by time

So the creation of God , even though restricted by time is beautiful. Yet we cannot see the perfection and see many faults in this world !

So God put in eternity in our heart. Meaning he came and stayed in our heart. Yet, no one can fathom this – meaning inspite of God in our heart, we do not know the beginning or end –

God is the beginning of the universe and the end of the universe

Quite simple but my interpretation

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