June 2022 archive

We live in a dream

Link to Original Document I make this statement at multiple levels. We can start with the easiest and lowest level. When we are ready we can begin to fathom the deeper level. But at that deeper level, rare people like Shankaracharya Maharaj stay there So, lets say you are graduating from Law School. And as …

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How strange

Link to Original Document In one of the group chat someone posted this Very interesting. Now note this 🌟 I was in iskcon Houston TX usa few years back and pujari asks me what I do. So I told him heart surgery bypass operation heart valve surgery etc. He says we are going against Krishna… …

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Reversal of consciousness

Link to Original Document So what is reversal of consciousness? One of the most ridiculous thing that we do is – we identify ourself as body end thoughts and intelligence and try to look within to see our soul! Amazingly Wrong! You are the soul and you should be identified as soul and looking outside …

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